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Sarah Kane Masterpost

Beloved fans.

If you are following me, I’m pretty sure it’s either because, thanks to some deceptively lit webcam photos, you think I’m sexy OR because you realise that my taste in everything, and specifically literature and specifically theatre and specifically mid nineties “in-yer-face” theatre, is fantastic.

So, assuming that none of you are actually here for my cheekbones and taking into account the very, very vast number of occasions where I’ve instructed you to get into SARAH KANE, existential crisis playwright extraordinare, I’m going to hope that you will both appreciate and use this post a whole lot.

- Skin on youtube. Skin is a short film by Kane commissioned for channel four and starring that guy off of Trainspotting. Ewan Bremner. This is Sarah Kane, so you might already know what to expect but be warned that this film is violent and deals with racism super head on. The Daily Mail hated this film, make of that what you will.

- In-yer-face Theatre Sarah Kane Archive put together by Alex Sierz. This is pretty much one of the best places to look, other than Wikipedia, if you’re writing an essay on Kane, or her work or even putting together a production of one of her plays. There’s a bibliography, articles, facts, reviews and an interview with Kane. Speaking of which…

- "Disgusting Violence? Actually it’s quite a peaceful play." Sarah Kane’s first interview, with The Independent. Considering the hooplah that fired up after Blasted was first performed, this interview is really interesting, not just for Kane fans, but for anyone who’s interested in the relationship between theatre and entertainment and entertainment and violence and a whole lot of other things. My favourite quote from this article: "There is, she says, "no real debate in this country about how you represent violence in art. We don’t know how to talk about it, we don’t know how to deal with it. The violence in this play is completely de-glamorised. It’s just presented."

 She stands accused of having set out to shock. “I resent that the most. I wrote it to tell the truth. Of course that’s shocking. Take the glamour out of violence and it becomes utterly repulsive. Would people seriously prefer it if the violence was appealing?”

- Suicide art? She’s better than that.” Retrospective article by playwright and friend Mark Ravenhill.

- "A Sad Hurrah" Super insightful and incredibly well written article by Simon Hattenstone.

subjectiviste. This is the Sarah Kane tag from a wordpress theatre workblog that I stumbled across a few months ago. It has notes and quotes on her plays and documents and discusses a number of productions. I really like how this person talks about Cleansed, which, along with Phaedra’s Love, is so overlooked.

- Blowing my own trumpet or something. Whatever, I mean, you already know I talk about Sarah Kane all the time, but my tag for her is fabulous okay. I wrote a HUGE review of 4.48 Psychosis, I quote things, I scan lines, I make posts like this. I’m the best.

- Sarah Kane tumblr. This is a really fab resource, basically doing what this masterpost does in tumblr form, but with more to it and a whole lot of photographs, scans, etc.

- Reflections of a Skyline on youtube - This is a really sweet short film where the dialogue is made up entirely of a monologue from Crave. It’s incredibly mellow and sweet, all things considered.

- 4.48 Psychosis. One of her plays, sometimes my favourite, in PDF. I super duper recommend actually buying The Complete Plays, and actually maybe not starting with 4.48 (even though I did… I’d say either start with Crave or go chronologically), but obviously that’s not always an option and hey, I stole my copy from school, why shouldn’t you guys get to read it for free too. MASSIVE TRIGGER WARNING for this play. We’re talking depression, suicide, self harm, cockroaches. Don’t read while blue, don’t swim after eating, etc, etc.

That’s it for now, but if I come across anything else I’ll be adding it to this list. If any of you guys have to write an essay on SK then I’m practically your Jesus.

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