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I want to be THE Queen. Don’t you know what THE means?

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I want to be THE Queen. Don’t you know what THE means?

Margaery’s hair was huge and fabulous on her special day and no one can take that away from her.

Nice blog.

"Dishing out feminist rants and puns"

Very nice.

"Into politics and classic films"


"And Woody Allen films."


The truth is I love some pretty terrible books you know, I’ve read Flowers in the Attic and it’s accompanying sequels and prequels many, many times and I am well aware of how problematic and ridiculous and pale next to what came before them and will come after them books like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are. It even bothers me a little that Tolkein writes like he’s swallowed a copy of King and Country and The Oxford Book of English Verse and several Gentleman’s clubs. It bothers me but I love them all the same. I think a book can need to be and do a hundred things, but I can forgive it anything as long as it’s brave and not hateful, as long as it believes that one day someone will read it even if it’s not for them or, even if it is and it shows them something about themselves, maybe they didn’t want to see. As long as it does something. So I can’t stand you Jeffrey Archer or Stephanie Meyer or Nicholas Sparks, especially you. I can’t stand a book that tells me over and over what I’ve been told every day since the moment I opened my eyes, “This, this, this is the world, this is love, this is your life, this is what you want; I’m giving it to you, be grateful” No. Be brave.

Limbless Lannister appreciation blog 2k14

Overheard at work, “This generation is so lazy”

More specifically overheard in the bar where I work.

More specifically than that overheard from a guy in a pretty expensive looking suit, staring in disgust at bar staff taking too long to serve him, bar staff who get paid just over minimum wage and well under living wage and have been at the bar since 7am.

Most specifically of all, overheard at four pm on a Thursday.

Whoooooo’s going to see Queen of Everything Beyonce this Sunday with her beautiful girlfriend ME

A Crash Course in Decent TV Featuring Ladies who like Ladies - Part One: Sugar Rush

Unfortunately, the venn diagram of decent television and shows about ladies who like ladies is not a circle. This is a short series on what’s out there and why you should watch it.


Starring? Sugar is played by the gorgeous Lenora Crichlow aka Annie from Being Human.

Main character Kim is played by lovely ginger Olivia Hallinan, probably best (and only) known to British audiences for Larkrise to Candleford, which was a really twee period drama. Olivia Hallinan was all over my childhood in some really awesome shows including the adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s Girls In Love, but her best work was clearly as “Julia Jekyll” in Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde.

Series One features a young Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spiderman, Never Let Me Go), if you’re into that sort of thing.

What’s It About? So Kim is Fifteen, she’s just moved to Brighton and she has urges, most of which are focused on her unfortunately straight and ridiculously sexy best friend, Sugar. Hilarity (and also, some really sad, sweet drama) ensues as Kim tries to be straight, forget Sugar, handle her alcohol, get herself off with an electric toothbrush…

In Series Two Kim nabs herself a girlfriend named Saint who wore a red beret. I was sixteen when this aired and I was obsessed, like, I bought a red beret and I wore it all the time. One night, when the show was on, my sister and I were staying at my kind of homophobic Auntie’s house but I insisted on watching it and I knew there would be dildos and generally awkward scenes you don’t want to watch in the same room as your kind of homophobic Aunt but yeah, I made us all watch it anyway. Saint!

Why Should I Watch It? Sugar Rush is really fucking funny. Like, we all know that adolescence is messy and painful and confusing and sometimes that’s sad, but a lot of the time it’s hilarious. Like you caught crabs from the girl you fancy BUT not from having sex with her, just by sharing a towel or whatever and THEN you gave them to your Mum when she borrowed your jeans. Or you have a crush on this girl that works in a shop and you want to talk to her but you can’t work up the nerve so you keep going into the shop and just buying stuff BUT the problem is she works in a sex shop and now you have way too many dildos to hide from your parents. Or you’re in love with your best friend but she’ll only kiss you when she’s wasted or trying to get some guys’ attention. That last one was sad.

Basically it’s a hysterical, but also pretty realistic portrayal of what it’s like to be young and realising you’re gay and, inevitably, “in love with a straight girl”.

But Like, Will It Rip Open My Still Beating Heart? It might, occasionally bring a tear to your eye, the way funny shows do when they get serious for just a moment, but the only, really tragic thing about this series is it’s unjust and SUPER premature cancellation on kind of a cliffhanger after just two seasons. You were warned.

But Like, Do They Kiss? This show is not afraid to go there. Or anywhere, really, I remember they could only air it at 11pm, I had to stay up so late on a school night. Expect lots of women kissing, having sex, flashing female prison guards…

Where Can I Watch It? This show was made by Channel 4 in 2005. If you live in the UK you can still watch this on 4onDemand or buy both series on DVD. HOWEVER I just want to point out that if you do this, I’m guessing you are probably lining the pocket of the author of the (terrible) novel this series is loosely based on - noted transphobe (author of that Observer article) and all round disgusting human, Jule Birchill. Proceed as you will, I would never suggest anyone should illegally stream or download anything.

I can cry on cue, which I guess could be useful in certain situations.

Tip, just remember that one time Van Gogh ate yellow paint because it was the colour of happiness and he wanted so much to be happy.

Problems include not being able to stop crying.


little watercolour test w/ pentel black ink brush pens

i like

(dialogue for short film / //// more later)

#I like watercolours#I like you

little watercolour test w/ pentel black ink brush pens
i like
(dialogue for short film / //// more later)

UGH who took the url of my name. I have such a great name I bet that’s not even your name.

The National - I Need My Girl

I’m under the gun again.
I know I was the 45% of then,
I know I was a lot of things -
But I am good, I am grounded,
Davy says that I look taller,
I can’t get my head around it,
I keep feeling smaller and smaller.

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I know I say this everytime I reread The Prisoner of Azkaban or The Order of the Pheonix but I WILL write that epic poem about Sirius Black one day.

I really just love all those Shakespearian, too angsty to live, anti-hero boys. Your Theon Greyjoys, your Sirius Blacks, your Boromirs. The beautiful ones who can’t do anything right because there’s a perfect storm of their own really poor choices and fate (but mostly bad choices) out to get them - it’s my favourite thing I love those characters so much and I just want it for a girl, I really do but I guess people can’t imagine a woman so sure of herself she’d fall down again and again and if they could they’d hate her for it.

dream woman

dream woman